Jag Test

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Author RavenMac
Tags author:ravenmac n-art unrated
Created 2008-07-04
Last Modified 2008-07-04
Map Data

Description A pic i have been working on for hours.

It is half way done.

>>>I DID NOT use a map making tool<<<

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The title is Jag

So wouldn't you believe that it would turn into...a jaguar maybe?


I know what it is, now that I've seen the finished product.

it ok

I was half way done and i wanted to see how it looked

I think

its looking pretty cool. Hope u can make something really nice out of this...

a swimmer?


That's half-way done? It looks more like 10% done to me. Oh well, I don't know what it's supposed to be anyway, so I can't say.

This is half way done.

You will know what it is when it is done.

agrees with hoettii

What is it saposed to be?


looken cool but I don`t know what it could be...