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Author player_03
Tags author:player_03 glitch nreality test unrated
Created 2008-07-05
Last Modified 2008-07-05
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Description This is just a test of a concept, and I'd like some comments before I make something bigger with this (which is why I disabled ratings).

The thwumps will stop interacting with anything when they see you. You'll have to get them out of your way before you can get to the exit.

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Cool map

I didn't understand what was happening the first two runs, so I read the description and then it made sense.

But in any case, the map's big enough as is. At 2500 frames for a completion, any longer would be too long.

Also, I would like to point out that my last point is mute because you have certainly already made the decision to do a sequel or not.
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lol um.

i have no idea what the hell this guy is telling me to do. whats debug mode... =( i feel stupid


your really good with modding i see. how do you do tele launch pads? i never figured out how. if you can tell me send me a comment to one of my maps.


I would love to see disappearing thwumps in more maps, and this is a fun maze as it is.
I was trying to make them fall instantly, but instead it did this.

After that, I just simplified the mod to "11,fallspeed,;"


Figured the path out on my own. Just barely made it, though. And I agree with riobe, how'd you find this?
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these out? Seriously, that's crazy. 5/5 if I could, and faved.
mod updates on, so you will have to download the mod updates.

That msg just means that the mod updates are loaded. If you can't see the msg, that means the update is not being loaded, and as a result the mod in the maps won't work at all
I didn't exactly know how it worked until I read the demo though... It's a pretty cool idea, and I would like to see a full map on it...

By the way, I have a question. Do you know what that one message that says "Transparent Update Finished Loading" is about when opening Nreality v6c2?


Watch this if you can't get it.
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