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oh my god...

That is ******* Amazing!

No worries.



I had no idea my map way "this" close to being featured, well, then sorry for getting all mad about it, I guess I was jelouse that I can't make a map good enough to be featured or even bitesized and for this I appologise...

Next Map

will have to take a couple weeks since i am going on vacation. I am leaving on the 11th and will return the 27th.

Sry guys, my next map won't be out for some time.


N-arst dot NEED to be created entirely in N. The finished result of my patience which ends up in N is what is the n-art.

I DID use a couple of programs, but none of them would give me any code except paint and that will only give cordinates to the pixels, and that is all i need.

All i used was:
Photoshop (only to get rid of the background and to define the edges)
Paint (to find all of the cordinates fot the thwumps and BBlocks)
Notepad (type and copy everything many many times over and over)
and Word (ONLY to remove all of the tabs and "paragraph marks" that i use. I can also check how many thwumps and bblocks there are qith word also. replace !1 with tiself and it will get the number. Same with twumps but !8 and add 1 for the very 1st since it has |8)

I tried to make a video of my last one, but like i said in that one, i got many viruses trying to get the program. Ir anyone knows how it use hypercam, please tell me and i will try to make another map or a demonstration map to show what i do for these.


I was going to Feature that, I even had the review written up, but then lightening the Ethernet cable, and fried the modem, so I had to switch to a different computer, and I never bothered to transfer anything over.

In other words, wumby, you came this close to getting Featured.

Oh, also, I've never had a map Featured, and my only Bitesized map was old by the time it was Bitesized, so it didn't do much good.
Pitch-forks and torches are fun, but it's probably for the best not to get too carried away.



so the blue part is thwums, eh?

111/5 =P

The programs used

were not automated. He used a variety of unrelated applications to manipulate the code to produce the effect.

The explanation the author gave below seems honset and accurate enough to suggest in favour of hand code manipulation rather than automation, which in itself is a very fine art and in no way (imo) lesser than hand placing every object. It's just a different approach.

Regardless of how, the effort was clearly put in. all there's left to discuss really is whether you think the overall effect is worthy of feature, which we're never all going to agree on anyway.


I dont understand how this can justifiably be featured. This was made (according to the maker) with several programs OTHER than N. Yes, perhaps I am a purist...I believe that, if an art is to be featured, it should have been created with N alone. Finding and typing coordinates to make a map does not necessarily make art.

I tend to agree with AMLT on this map.

Besides, theres still the questionable origin of this map. It looks like it was made with a program similar to Eeyore's, but I won't deny the possibility that it wasn't. However, when an action map, or a normal N-art is submitted, you can almost always say with certainty that it was made without the aid of a program other than N.


jealous, much?

jesus christ

my god that is amazing, im not even suprised it got featured
my bad, I usually don't use improper grammar. =/
no way. But if it is, man this is really good.

Great technique.

I'm amazed sometimes at the dedication and patience of you Narters, the single one I created was enough to put me off for life.


I tried to get that featured, but it got rejected. Sorry.

@ wumbla

Envious much?


I vote to make wumbla's post Post of the Day.

No way!

More votes???
If this freakin' get's featured then I think my Tetris [] should be featured, it already has more votes than this, and it got 62 votes in 1 day. but this, is eithor equally or less better than my tetris map, sorry, this is just one of the last things I would of thought to be featured.


congrats on feature. is this the fastest a map has ever been featured?


This is freakin sweet.


stupid n-arts
But it's much, much better in full.




I've already voiced my opinion on this map (about it being featured and N-Art). So... I guess I'll leave? :)

great job

5/5, did you count the items or does it say somewhere?


................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................looks awsome

incluye knows.


it's the Jaguar logo isn't it?
pretty cool.


ok i get the "wow, lots of objects" bit.
However, I don't think it really compares to brilliantly shaded N arts, for example.


I mean art made with the N game. It takes like 30 times as long as any other way.

I just think its pointless, its my opinion. jeez :/


It's art. Get it? Art made with the objects provided by N.
of making art in the n game, but its cool.


Just so you can see my process, Next map i will try making a video of.

So you can see that i did not use a map tool.

only a few programs:
Adobe Photoshop (only to take ouy the background color)
Paint (find all of the cordinates for the blocks and thwumps)
Notepad (write down everything in a certain way)
Microsoft Word (take out all of the tabs and paragraph marks, and count the thwumps and blocks)


The way i know how many thwumps is that i enterd all of the info into word and looked for how many "!8" are in the code +1 because it won't count the very 1st one of hte series.

Blocks are the same thing but with "!1" but it counted them all.

That is how i counted them all.

still amazing 5/5

ill trust you


I logged off numa and this same question clicked in my mind too...

Waiting for the map-maker's reply...