No Return

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Author player_03
Tags author:player_03 nreality objectmod playable puzzle rated
Created 2008-07-06
Last Modified 2008-07-06
by 9 people.
Map Data

Description It's possible to get trapped in the first two sections, but I tried to make the correct path intuitive.

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Damn. 5aved.

awesome map :)

The final thwump

Is the best. That's awesome.
You can make back-and-forth triggering interesting and/or puzzling, and indeed the third section is pretty good that way, but the second and fourth sections were blah.

Neat mod

I'll be sure to try my hand at making a puzzle map out of this.

As for this map, I actually didn't like it that much. The first section was an interesting puzzle. The rest of it was just back-and-forth triggering that requires relatively little thought to play. And I really didn't like that squeeze section near the end.

Nvm it's working now. Wow this iiiiiiiiis great :O!!!

Still not working! AHHHHHHHHHH!

FFS why aren't mods working for me anymore. I load this in nreality and it's exactly the same. This is pissing me off.


I had to use practice mode, so i didn't post on nreality.
Demo Data

i had to watch

the demo.

this is just awesome!
in races. :P 5/5aved. Another great concept.


you can put some gold where it is reachable only if you take the correct path :)

From NReality
Demo Data

I deem you

master of thwumps.

Can you show us a demo, I have no clue past the first 2 parts.



I took one look at this map and knew that that was exactly what the thwumps were going to do. 4/5 and favorited.

It took me a few tries, but I got it. Completion.
Demo Data


I love this