A Fleeting Chance

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Author BlckNWhteNnja
Tags author:blcknwhtennja nreality objectmod playable puzzle rated
Created 2008-07-07
Last Modified 2008-07-07
by 12 people.
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Description Nreality Needed, Concept Impending.

If that flooguard gets too far, you lose.

Nice little time vs ninja experiment.

Feedback would be much appreciated as accompanied by demos.

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Faster AGD

Could be quite a bit faster still.
Demo Data

Fastest agd

Demo Data

Slowest AGD =P

Could be slower.
Demo Data
I love these for some reason. 5aved

Fastest AGD

Map is okay. I found it to be a little too awkward. 3/5.
Demo Data

Very neat concept.

It was pretty easy too to get the agd, which I like.

aww manord, i give up, 5/5 great concept i love it
Demo Data

Thanks guys.

Yes, gloomp I do believe this could be implemented better. I just had the idea yesterday. TRT, I did base this off the laser concept. I want to try and find other cool ideas like this through Nreality mods.

Cool idea,

but could be better executed. 4


It's not hard to get
Demo Data


Demo Data

Just wonder

what's the disadvantage of submitting the run to NReality?
Other then the awkward jumping from the tiles, this is great. 5aved


still little slower :(

AGD btw...
Demo Data

quicker AGD

Demo Data


Just to prove that guy wrong.

Fun map. 4aved.
Demo Data
nice concept but the laser fire delay is also pretty similar to this "certain time before passage closes" kind of thing..
Demo Data


Impossible is nothing!
Demo Data

Interesting concept

But AGD is impossible.

Demo Data