Keep Moving

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Author player_03
Tags action author:player_03 nreality objectmod rated
Created 2008-07-08
Last Modified 2008-07-08
by 18 people.
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Description You don't need all of the bounceblocks, even for an AGD.

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4. -3 bounceblocks. AGD.
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that inspired me to try myself, I've had a go with a couple. n² too [] is the better, I think.

Can't wait to see what you come up with next.

All gold

Good concept, could've been better made tho.
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This is the coolest mod I've seen so far, SO much potential :)
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<- dunce

had an older version of Nreality on this pc.

The mod is absolutely stunning, the level is functional, but lacking in design.

As a showcase for what can be done though, it's perfect. Good job man.
and I don't see any mod active. Advice?

I love the

launchpad :D

Oh and of course the game play!!!


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very cool !



This has awesome potential. 4/5
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(regardless of the fact that you didn't quite make it)
I'll post my AGD.
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awesome level. 4aved

All except for 1.

agd, great idea player_03, you always come up with the best mods.

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However, I will confirm that sub-400 frames is possible, and that three bounceblocks are not needed.

Slow agd

Nice use of the mod. Puzzly. 5/5
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Speed demo

I'll give you an AGD shortly.
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Figure it out for yourself.

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It took me all of them for an AGD, but eh i still loved the gameplay :) 5/5
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Oh lord

How in the world....

Completion soon to be an AGD.
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