Fluid Dynamics

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Author Lucidium
Tags author:lucidium bitesized playable race rated
Created 2005-09-04
by 87 people.
Map Data

Description Never stop running, and don't slow down, trust in the flow.
Try and find as many different routes as you can, almost everything will work. Try just running straight off the edge of things, you don't always have to jump. You can cheat and stop, but it's not nearly as fun.

I've been playing around with this for so long, I figured I'd have to just call it finished and post it. Thanks to the guys on the forum for comments, and tktktk for helping tidy it up.

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I think 1 or maybe 2 demos below me are faster, but I'm pretty proud of this run. I slow down a tad at the end, though :(
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Sorry about my map name, i didn't know it was taken.

Really fun

though I messed up. Slightly harder than it feels, but it is so... smooth
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Smooth design...

Another beautiful map Lucidium... I'm sure there are much nicer and faster ways to do it than how I did, but here it is.
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very cool
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Advertising is

not cool.


I would like it of someone will rate my action maps. It has been a whille since it has been rated and i will greatly apreciate it if you will. I am sure you will enjoy them

First Go

Very nice map. 5/5.
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Nice map

I seem to have trouble with the last set of gold, but I like my route...
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Great lvl. The flow was a bit wierd though.

I lied

that was my second, my first i missed the jump and go bombed

I love this map

Here is my first try, i still havn't got all gold.
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1 word


all-gold run

Didn't find any way to do a fluid all-gold run without backtracking too much. Made one small stop.
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Here's speedish demo showing some of the more interesting stuff you can do, and using both of the launchpads.
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Woo! Good level!
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This one didn't live up to your normal standards, Lucidium. Especially that of your incredible puzzle-making skills. Only because your good at that other stuff and its spilling over to the quality of this map, you get a 4/5


I didn't really like the mines at the start because without it, you can speed up there... and N going fast is always cool in a race.


Whoops wrong level.


All gold.
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Fun. Someone do an all gold demo please.
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nice lvl
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