We Need A Plan

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Author Evil_Bob
Tags author:evil_bob dronemod moving nreality playable rated rotation
Created 2008-07-09
Last Modified 2008-07-09
by 9 people.
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Description For proper enjoyment, please use NReality []

This uses the moving rotational lasers mod. It's really fun once you start to get a good path going. Still a bit difficult. Tiles inspired by atob.

I will put a demo on Nreality.

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That, mintut

is beacuse you're a mean old mallard.
IF I could make even 1 good map at the moment, i'd now be purposely using them. Oh well, crazy fun to begin with, but the lasers can be a bit unpredictable, shooting you from crazy angles. I'm not sure quite what to think of this, well, apart from saying it isn't quite as good as riobe seems to make out.

Ahh alright.

It seemed to work best. I won't use em again in the near future =)


I just asked spudz to stop using these as they're a prominent design for a certain project... people are going to be bored of them before it's even out :(


inspired. Forgot to mention that.




here []


I meant you made everything like a normal rotating laser drone and added a fourth attribute after the second "^".
after the rotating laser drones. Well, let see how you´ve done that. you made everything like a normal laser drone, but added a fourth attribute after the "^": A "2". But what does 2 does? is rher a difference if you set it a 0, 1, or 3?


nicely challenging...
Demo Data

Oh, and

with more maps like these, you'll soon have more votes than formica. :D

I agree

with mam. This is awesome. 5/5aved ten times over.


You can find some flow. Watch demo.


Basically a whole new enemy you have there...
Demo Data


I didn't really like it.
I found it awkward.


Also on Nreality.
Demo Data