Like Needles

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Author Evil_Bob
Tags author:evil_bob nreality objectmod playable rated rockets survival
Created 2008-07-09
Last Modified 2008-07-09
by 9 people.
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Description For proper enjoyment, please use NReality []
If you don't it doesn't work at all.

Uses the straight rocket mod. One of my favorite survivals yet. I will post my best demo. The mod was first used by Eiturlyf.

Note: It starts off easy but gets harder as the rockets start to get out of sync.

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First used by me.


Map is ok.

I like the tileset

o.k. demo
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VERY FUN. By the way how do you look at a demo without it just being a random demo by the computer??

Cool idea, 4/5
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longest yet I think
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3 of us died almost at the same time. Weird. 4/5 I like the tileset.
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I usually play survivals in debug mode.


It's pretty easy at the beginning but gets better later on when the rockets start firing at different times from each other...
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If you die? There was a way I can't remember.

pretty fun

It seems to get more challenging as the time goes on because the rockets stop shooting simultaneously.
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You could at least show with a demo Mr. it's really easy.




There's no real challenge. In the end rocket-fire-delay will be the winner.

Short demo,

For demonstration purposes.
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