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Author sTalkR
Tags author:stalkr eiturlyf-tiles fun minejumper puzzlish rated tilejumper
Created 2008-07-10
Last Modified 2008-07-10
by 6 people.
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Description funny name isnt it.
caution: this might be too hard for some. it's a puzzlish tile/mine jumper. i assure you every jump is possible. demo will follow later. credits to eiturlyf for the congenial tileset. i dont know if this map does it justice. anywho, gimme some demos!

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speedrunjust a tiny bit fater that your agd :(
the left took me ages to perfect
i love this map but the gold was too hard for me :P
to get out the bottoms easy for a racer ;) i did it without fbf
Demo Data

Great minejumper

The jumps look really cool, and the tiles rock. 4.
and to get out of the bottom

I dont like having to use fbf
Demo Data


I should say that last gold cluster is annoying more than difficult.
I can get the gold almost every time, but now I can't get last switch at all! Bah, I'll try again later.
but the last gold cluster. I'll keep trying.


"everything previous", do you mean the gold or the switches as well? cause i thought some of the switches were pretty hard to get... oh well.
i agree though, but i probably wont edit it.
how about a demo?^^
is a massive spike in difficulty compared to how stupidly easy everything previous was, very annoying.

@ riobe

everything is possible xD


look at the demo if youre stuck.
REALLY slow agd.
Demo Data


never mind... :P


you should of made all the gold...possible to get. Still 4/5 though.