Sea of Fire (volcanic)

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Author lord_day
Tags author:lord_day collab evil-bob fire nreality playable rated
Created 2008-07-10
Last Modified 2008-07-10
by 11 people.
Map Data

Description A collab between Evil_Bob and myself. Evil_Bob did all the Nreality coding, and together we made the level. Avoid the lava!


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It's impossible unless you play in Nreality, which is a special version of N. That may be the problem.

Holy F***

I tried this level and for me its way too hard...
May be its the level or im a total n00b >.>
I think its the last because im totally new here =/


The rocket is just right.


The lava "shocks" you. I agree with Atob though. Rocket did it in for me. Still, nice use of the mod. 4/5


i think that the raising thwumps made the map way less enjoyable, i loved it without them, just playing around, it was a really fun map, but the pressure the thwumps give spoils the map completely. no rating.

Intense fun.

Best use of the newer mods in NReality I've seen so far.


toefacekiller's demo from nreality.
Demo Data

Love it

I also love how the lava ZAPS you

im guessing

either the connection to the demo hosting servers are down, or the maps been changed and the demos are void?
wish you guys would post your demos on NUMA. I can't find them on Nreality.
6 seconds?! You use a nice shortcut.


I honestly think this map is perfect in everyway. Not too hard to complete, but a real challenge to agd. Awesome concept with the thwump lava, 5/5. Agd on nreality, 6 seconds faster than yours :p

Oh yeah.

My all gold is up on Nreality.

I find it fun.

But I find frustrating fun. D:

I meant:

Is it fun, or a little too frustrating?

I'm finding it more of the latter.

Tough but possible.

I'll get a demo up in a sec.
How does it feel to you guys when you attempt an agd?


Well the problem was that it's too easy without the rocket. Perhaps we will revise it.

It's really good.

But that rocket is far too much.

Lots of potential here for just the mines, platforms and lava. It's too much of a stress as it is as the agd route's so forced, imo.