C Ya

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Author RavenMac
Tags author:ravenmac n-art nonplayable unrated
Created 2008-07-11
Last Modified 2008-07-11
Map Data

Description I am going to be gone on vacation for 2 weeks to Minnesota. I will return on the 27th and will continue my other pic i am working on. The place i am going has no computer so you will have to wait. I made this so you know i am gone for a wile. Just a 2 hour thing.

I am leaving tomorrow morning so i will not be able to answer until about 4 days later once i have gotten to one of my uncle's houses.

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I'm patient...

and like to see what some pics look like when i do this.

But obviously this was just a message.

But most of the time, i can use photoshop to see how something would look.

I love getting comments on my work, and even though i dont submit anything, i still come every day to check on my maps.
Just to see if it has gotten any comments.

And a lot of the time, when the stuff is first posted, there is no need for returned comments. All OMG, or AMAZING at the bottom.
Can't wait to see your last thing.
I agree on the time you need to make those.
I almost never can be bothered to start working on one.

ahhhhhhh it's too... good my eyes!!!!
HOW DID YOU DO THAT?!?!?!? YOU GOT TO TEACH ME!!!!! The only thing i know is the blue shade. nothing eltse.

That is the best text I've ever seen in a map.

Oh yeah,

and have a good vacation.




how you do thes things is just incredible, but this is spot on. How you got the writing so perfect I will never know. Faved


Thats amazing :P

C Ya