NReality Mod Test

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Author n0valyfe
Tags author:n0valyfe nreality playable test unrated
Created 2008-07-11
Last Modified 2008-07-11
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This is just a test for my upcoming series.

Its a simple map, its completable, but I am disabling ratings because this will be deleted soon.

Its finally time to inform the people who have been patient with me about my new series. It is a series of puzzle-actions that use many Nreality Mods. It has taken quite some time to learn the mods and what values create a good gameplay. Expect the first map to be released shortly.

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I dont plan to. I was just testing to see if it would upload properly to numa and play properly in Nreality userlevels mode


I wouldn't suggest using this mod. But glad you're working. Look at the demo.. the rocket can go way too fast. Isn't there a max acceleration thing on rockets?
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So close >.<

I was touching the door >_<

Kind of

I checked the site everyday though.


I think it is the fastest possible. Wow, n0va, you were off for a hell of a long time there...
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I think that's the fastest you can go.
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And I'm fastest so far :o
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Did it.

Was easy. xD
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Just to prove it can be done :)
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