What is this world?

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Author n0valyfe
Tags action author:n0valyfe hard mod-series nreality playable rated
Created 2008-07-13
Last Modified 2008-07-13
by 7 people.
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Description --Chapter 1--
As N went through the door, something felt wrong right away. He was no longer in Story Mode, he was in... USERLEVELS!!! But still, there was something more. N hit the ground in the new level with unnatural force. He jumped, and fell to the ground hard, he felt heavy in the air, but as he stood on solid ground, he felt lighter than usual. Scared and slightly confused, N muttered, "What is this world".
--End of Chapter 1--


Here is the first map of this long-awaited series. The series is an Nreality mod based series with quite annoyingly hard but completable levels.

To find more episodes when they are released, search for "Mod-Series".

Each episode will have a chapter.

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dis map is a whole different league than non-NReality mod maps; hence, this is why this type of map is called an NReality map /because it's a different type of map and his different rules and boundaries/
o sorry caps. Well, if you still read this:

yes, I was a noob back then, And i'm so ashamed that i made that comment. i'm going to say sorri to inc right now. oops
Stupid me. :'(

Fun 5/5


Verrrrry annoying. I'd better not rate xD

But good job on the map.

Normal n agd

just because.
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thanks peace_bear

The point of messing with the physics is to mess with your head. No one is used to different physics, so its fun to mess your heads up

@ TheKitchenSink

That's the whole point. It's fun to mess with your mind with these physics. I have a demo, but I'm too lazy to post it. It's on nreality.

And you say that it's unsettling? that's the POINT of the map!

And nice quintiple post.



Faster :o

Wasted some time there at the end, but hey
Demo Data


Another completion demo. I still don't know how to submit these in Nreality though :/
Demo Data

Oh and

Completion Demo. Fastest I've seen on this page so far. It's still really easy, despite the (IMO) gut-churning physics.
Demo Data


Exactly. Well put. I'm totally cool with the new drones and objects and such; that's just really awesome. And to an extent for playing around/experimental types, the playermod *can* be. But not when used lightly, like in this. It basically has to be the *focus* of the map, and in a unique way. The new drones Unreality has been churning out have all been ridiculously awesome, in some contrast. I'm just waiting for mapmakers with more ability than I to make some sweet maps with them. Anyway, enough of me. :P

The below post

is not abusive in anyway. However flagged it please learn to deal with other peoples opinions.

And I agree, adding new enemies/objects or altering the way the current ones behave open up a lot of potential. By and large, messing with physics makes for a very cheap and gimmiky experience at the cost of any real aspects of satisfying play.

PS Sorry for the horrible idiom, I'm too lazy to replace it with real thinking :(
Look. This is N. Changing the way our PC behaves, completely altering what happens when we press buttons, is entirely unsettling. It screws all of our past experience up. Sure, on silly weird experimental maps, it's okay. But taking a normal map and applying this just is...wrong. It doesn't just make it challenging. Ever heard of "Fake Difficulty?"

"Real" difficulty is making the obstacles harder, more aptly placed, etc. Screwing with well establish physics isn't. I'll give this a 3/5 anyways because it's a good map, but the physics change is a big no-no in my book.
if u ask me.. but i dont wanna give u a 2 because a hate the mod.. so no rating...
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I liked the mod

I didnt like the gold placement or the fact that the maps is symmetrical, I dont like those. :/

But you get a 4/5. Here is a speed completion.
Demo Data

Took me a while to get used to the physics. At one point I had out of reflex done multiple wall jumps and ended up at the ceiling where I realized I was promptly going to fall and die. T-T
Demo Data


I assume that none of you managed to finish it, or jsut didnt record a demo.

Meh, if you failed to complete it whilst I finished it, then this map served its purpose. I submitted an AGD on the userlevels mode in nreality :)
mainly because it makes the level challenging. Just takes practice.


What in the hell are you talking about? I think he can mess with the physics any way he wants.


You don't mass with the physics of the ninja on a "real" map.
The rest is fine. 4/5

Completion Demo

Dont give up if you cant finish it straight away, its meant to be hard
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