Rosetta Stoned

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Author Losttortuga
Tags author:losttortuga rated tileset
Created 2008-07-16
Last Modified 2008-07-16
by 11 people.
Map Data

Description Use it however.

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Nice TS

I made a map of it a while back, thought I might as well share it.
The map is part of my memorial pack in your honor of you for all the tilesets you share.

Awesome Tiles

Cool name too. 5

excellent. 5aved.

might make a map.


i saw this map, and was like, wow, this is amazing

then i was like, i should totally make a map for this.

but then reality kicked in:

someone else might be able to do it, but me?

i'd just make it worse


haha, a high 4, but not quite a 5, i believe you either forgot to rate or didn't want to rate my recent map


is awesome.
ditto to your map


pretty cool





Nice tileset

Definitely has a lot of potential. 4