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Author tktktk
Tags action author:tktktk featured playable rated
Created 2008-07-17
Last Modified 2008-07-17
by 21 people.
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Description I'll be back in a while. In the meantime, here, enjoy this fairly decent map.

This map was featured on 2015-09-06

tktktk is one of my favourite mappers ever, and “Gifthorse” exemplifies why. This map is the result of a master at work, and it shows in every detail. A nifty concept and a great use of space, contrasting openness and cramped rooms, top-notch enemy and gold placement, superb flow and a keen eye for aesthetics come together and result in a map that is fun, challenging, addictive and replayable to a high degree.

tktktk himself considers this merely a fairly decent map. That makes me wonder: What would he consider amazing? It's a shame that we might never find out. — lifdoff

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great selection

Miss this guy </3

Hadn't seen this map before; very fun.


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Have a fast-ish AGD.
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I miss you

Death demo.

This is very intense, the drones are timed wonderfully, and the action is top-notch. I only wish the rooms didn't have any enemies so as to provide a little breather from the outside.
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im the fastest

u r a legend

great level
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would you like to collab with me to make a map ?

slow agd

cool flow outside, quite a nice challenge inside.
just the gold pieces in the middle of the map (outside) bothered me.
5 (4.5)
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Man that beginning is sex. The drones and floorguards work really well too. As atob said, the insides are a bit cramped, but I like the change of pace.

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More tkx3!?

I love the terminal placement, drones are good

The insides have too much packed in, play feels too restrictive compared to the open super-flow of the outside. The two just don't mesh, imo.
Can we expect more from you?

This is great fun

I love the way you placed the doors and the exit switch. The rockets were fun too.
Maybe that's because you're a legend so that's how things are supposed to work.

The drone-work in this map is amazing.
The rockets fit into the atmosphere so well.
I love the gold collecting routes.
Pure goodness.

I look up to you as a mapper!