Peanut Butter Jelly

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Author mammaletto
Tags action author:mammaletto playable rated
Created 2008-07-17
Last Modified 2008-07-17
by 14 people.
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Description I just stumbled across a really cool gold pattern, at the same time as I decided I'd make a level without playtesting it whatsoever and see what happens. Have fun.

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This is really creative. Nice challenge.
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Forgot to rate. =P


I went at a leisurely pace, and got a good demo. Hmmm.....

4/5ed. Patern was O.K...
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slow AGD

could have used a gauss to liven up the gameplay when you weren't highscoring
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Surprised this hasnt been done like this before, to my knowledge. A solid 4, great highscoring challenge.

hm kinda neat

couldnt find the pattern, but it was good for agds
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4/5 and it looks like PB&J

Good to AGD on

I agree with spudzalot - it's easy to the point of potentially being lame, but speed AGDs are so much fun to get. What can I say? I enjoyed playing this map. 4/5.
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On most cases yes

But this particular demo took me 20 minutes to do. >__>
I have to ask, would you have been less likely to post if I had posted my demo first?

here's my AGD
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fun fun
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Just kind of bouncing around.
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Finally a good agd

Easily improvable but good for me. :D

This is really easy at first but then trying to speed run its really difficult not to mess up. imo this is a really great map for no playtesting.
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