Idle Contrast

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Author mrgy05
Tags action author:mrgy05 contrast featured idle monkey playable rated
Created 2008-07-18
Last Modified 2008-07-18
by 34 people.
Map Data

Description Dance, little monkey, dance.

This map was featured on 2008-07-21

My comment on the map probably says it all, so read that if you want an analysis of why I heart this beauty.

At a glance it might not seem that special, each section appears to be standard fare, but play the thing and you'll soon see why I chose to feature this.

Every single aspect of this map is perfectly placed, and the tension builds so gently it feels like ninjas dancing ballet on feathery beds, lulling and sublime.

Nuanced and flawless. — astheoceansblue

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Coming back to it, I like it more.
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It was alright.
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this plays like a dream!
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This really is great stuff.


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slow agd

awesome map. very nice atmosphere going out from the tiles.
I like the bottom part with the chaingun drone. The gold-placement is as good as the mine placement is.
All in all a fantastic map.
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faster by two seconds ;P

Beat the floorguard
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Demo Data

Non-AGD demo

The map was good, if a little repetitive. The repetition may have influenced the "dance-like" nature of the map listed in the featured map review, though. I rated this a 4. :)
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I've never put down a collab, ever ;-)

I'll get on MIRC sometime here, it's just been a hectic summer for me.

Watches agds.

Some of you people make being a ninja look far too easy...



Would you be interested in collabing with me on this account? I'm trying to get a collection of some of NUMA's best mappers. You've been one of my favorite mappers for quite a while now, and I've been wanting to collab for a while. If you don't that's fine, I get no's alot.

It's great.

Fun to play and not bad looking.

Thanks guys

This was my first featured map, glad it was this one.

IDK what it is

but this map gets more fun the more you play. Its challenging but not extremely hard. I like the close call I made with the floorguard while gettin the switch. 5/5. Didnt record demo >.<



Faster all gold demo
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while admittedly this is slightly slower than qix's demo I had a few close calls :P
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awesome map.. can play it a hundred times n still not get bored of it.. great fun for highscoring too.. 5aved..
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i loved the top half more

wish i hadnt hit that pad...
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Works well.
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I had nowhere to go.. soo.. Lol at my demo XD I can't beat this level. But I love it. And yet I hate actiony levels.
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Atob has already said everything I liked about this map. At first I though it would just be a hodgepodge of separate parts, but everything flows together beautifully.

Here's a speed completion (jumping through those drones was great fun).
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Very cool map. I feel that while, as atob said, the tension was building up very well, I'm not quite sure it reached its potential cresendo. However, this map does rock.


This demo's like smooth soup with lumpy bits at the bottom. Gah!

This map deserves more attention.
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Another dumb death, but a lovely run until then...
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Thank you so much,

I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Dumb death demo

This map is *really* fantastic. It's a joy to play, with every section set up perfectly.

The flow at the start is spot on (gold->jump pad->reverse jump on 3 tile to one of the most simple satisfyingly set ups of bb and gold I've played = super smooth), the drone gyre adds some great tension, the gauss chamber is perfect with the awkward but fun little climb preceding it.

The floor guarded tunnel is a spot of genius (forcing the player to go through the drones again really builds the tension) and then the final stealth chamber is a real work of art (it could probably stand alone as a level itself).

This is my favorite map from you: every area compliments and meshes perfectly with the those adjacent and the difficulty curve is spot on. One of the finest examples of how to build tension subtly and smoothly.

Absolutely flawless.

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