Social Doctrine

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Author mammaletto
Tags action author:mammaletto dronepath playable rated
Created 2008-07-20
Last Modified 2008-07-20
by 14 people.
Map Data

Description For the concept map contest. My concept is drone paths.

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WHERE ARE you? :(

I loved it...

concept not the best...

Agree with jackass

Definitely fun, but a little unbalanced at parts? 4.

What Nexx Said lol

but im giving it a 4

This map

has good elements, but they need to be put together a little better. I like how the left side gold forces you to go down into the sights of the drones, and the gauss and rocket are used pretty well, but the openness and freedom of the right side lend too much of an aimless quality to the gameplay. It's difficult to describe. Basically I feel more pull to drop down in the left side to get all that gold than I do to wander all around the right side getting its gold. The right side needs more interest or direction or something. But as I said, the elements were good and overall this was fun to play. 3/5

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dunno about the concept, but the rest of the map is very well-done. i especially liked the bounceblocks and gold/mines. 4/5

Excellent gameplay.

Concept isn't new, but I love this map. 4.5aved


Very clean

and may I even say, professionally done? well, anyhow, good job. 4/5

pure fun



great tileset. is it just me or does that guass shoot really quick... :P
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Completion demo

sorry I forgot
Demo Data

Oh yes

Completion demo?


Not really very different.

Good gameplay though.


it gets a 4.
You lost points on *concept*