Bask"en"ball V2.0

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Author Korbachev
Tags author:korbachev rated test
Created 2005-09-08
by 31 people.
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Description This is version 2 of my game, BaskNball. Coincidentally, Korb is german for basket. That's not what my name is named after, it's just the russian version of my last name.

Anyway, try to rack up as many points as you can. I beefed it up with better baskets, a better look, and another rule.

Load the level in debug mode
Move the mouse somewhere inside the gold box over the baskenball player. You must keep the mouse in there during the course of the game.
Start the level. N should automatically jump up and land on the springpad.
Any time during the level, you may chose to press Enter. This will cause N to die, and force will by applied to him opposite of where the arrow of the mouse is. NEW: There is a line of gold going across the screen. N must be above that line in order for you to press enter. Anything below that line is considered a foul and are awarded no points for that round.
Try to make N land in a "basket"

The number of gold under the basket represents the number of points you get for getting it in that goal.

Well I hope you like this game.

It kept me occupied for a while. Go for good high score in 7 tries! You can even edit in your score on the scoreboard on top between games!

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assuming the basketball players basket counts, i got a (8x7 equals....)56. otherwise, 17, and that was lucky
Very fun and original 5/5

21 easy

I pwn

i got him in the dudes hands
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Great game

I loved the game. I managed to get 5 points =)

Oh yeah!

N scored by a hand.
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That I made one of the basket's pretty much impossible.

Great Map

Total = 24



I give this map a 5 - because I scored a 5-point hoop ^_^
GREAT Game, Btw.


I dont get it how do i play on debug mode


W00T ultimate death!
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each time i got on the launch pad i automatticly died and got 4 points lol


each time i got on the launch pad i automatticly died and got 4 points lol


W00T, 3 points ^^"
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I got the ninja's legs stuck through the middle scoreboard, giving an everlasting fountain of blood. I think I'll mark that down as six points.

Good stuff.


I'll rate it five to balance Jigger's stupid rating...
Really, something as stupid as that can be easily avoided by READING.


It's just a test level so it doesn't really matter.


I'm sorry i gave this a sucky rating b4 reading the instructions. So sorry



Read the rules. It's not a level like that. It's a game. I made a game. You should read the rules before playing you know. Great. Well that'll ruin the rating. Whatever.

btw 1.5/5

b/c i dont like incomplete levels


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Slow all gold

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