Blew me away.

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Author Etz
Tags author:etz cave gauss inspiration-map mines rated
Created 2008-07-24
Last Modified 2008-07-24
by 8 people.
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Description One of my best maps, I would say.
Going apart from my action-rocket-maps, this is a gauss- and mine-based map in a cavey shape.
Please play this one, and (as always) tell me your (dis-)likes and how to improve the whole thing.
AGD includes some tricky jumps but is not that hard.

Inspired by Evil Bob's map Power Outage []


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thanks every one

for commenting and rating!

Love it

the loose and abstract flow that was most likely accidental really gave the level a great atmosphere


This is relaxing.

5/5 and fave from me, I will probably post an AGD later.


It was nice.

And kept me entertained. But I think the gausses had too much of a free range to get at you. I would have thought similarly placed chainguns would be good.




awesome map

I really like this one it has lots of flow. I keep trying for a speed AGD. But I always mess up here. Can you remove that mine??
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great flow at the start, crappy ending for me. 4/5
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