05-2: Shadow of a Doubt

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Author Myrrhman
Tags author:myrrhman column featured playable puzzle rated
Created 2008-07-24
Last Modified 2008-07-24
by 39 people.
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Description a preview of coming attractions

This map was featured on 2008-08-14

Mine-and-Gold-Maps-That-Aren't-Exactly-Mine-Jumpers are my favorite sort of map. They often have extremely clever and original design, in regards to both gameplay and aesthetics.

Shadow of a Doubt is a MaGDTAEMJ of the highest order. It uses a growing tileset pattern and increasingly complex mine and gold setups to create utterly enchanting gameplay.

But really, there's no need sub-sub-sub-genreify a map like this to call it great, it's still great no matter what you put it up against. — gloomp

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Excellent design.

It's cute! :3

I loved the tileset like nothing else.
i miss you the most! come back! you were my favorite author of all time!

Second fastest AGD

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By the way

Thanks for the comments from a while ago.

can I play them?

pretty please :P

Short answer:



212121 the tiles say.

Death demo.

All gold and got all the way to the switch and most of the way back.
Great tileset - I really like the pattern - and very good mine placement.
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Agreed, with splinter, 'cept I think that it's relatively long 1.5k frames is longer than usual...
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I like how smooth the difficulty curve is, even on the return journey which often gets easier rather than harder

4/5, hella short


the more I like it. I'll give it a 4.5 - rounded down.

I love you, gloomp.

Awesome review. Awesome map.

gloomp, that's my new favorite acronym.

This tileset

is one of the most stylish things I've ever seen.

Like you're strutting and looking good for it.

Play = good, too.

Awesome better cool delicious enjoyable fun great hopeful incredible joyous kool luminous mesmerizing nice original perfect quality righteous super tip-top up valiant wonderful x-treme yes zipping.

5, 5, FIVE
Nice idea, too.

cool one,

i can't wait, pm me when you're ready for playtesting
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It's also

a Sonic Youth song.

But that's for later.

Great tileset.


My oh my.

This is incredible.

It's good fun.


is a Tom Petty song

fan-fricken tastic!

i loved it!


I wouldn't like to give a 3 because I love the tilest but the mines were not the perfect enemy for this type of tilset.

=) Waiting for your next map..


there's a sequel. ;)

5aved, the only thing i didnt like was the chamber with the gauss and floorgaurd

Very fun

4/5aved. Like the slightly tilted tiles.


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nice mine-dodger in an appealing tileset, an high 4/5

here's a one-way only all-gold demo (too tired to complete it :P )
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I like the pattern

but it seems dull with only mines. However, they are placed in a unique way, so that even completion is difficult. Reminds me of 67-4 with the hard jump to the switch. 4/5, cant wait to see you next few.