Super Launched

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Author tungvu
Tags action author:tungvu beatable fun medium playable unrated
Created 2008-07-25
Last Modified 2008-07-25
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Description A quick map that'll be pretty fun and cool. Just dont get dizzy by the drones lol. Anywayz have fun and please leave comments and ratings! thx! Also check out my other maps!!! =)

Way to beat it: If your gettin stuck on how to get all the way over to the other sides here's how to do it: When u approach one of the thwumps, keep bouncin up and down underneath it but kinda move to the direction ur headin slightly while still bouncin. Also ALWAYS hold DOWN while bouncin. In my level you'll have to hold down to get distance and not height. thx!

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Oh and plus

Lightnin u didnt beat the level the right way so u cant really say u dont have to hold down
Im just sayin when i dont hold down the guy goes further up which results in hittin the objects above..but i guess it works for u guys

1. this has already been done, and holding down doesnt do anything

You dont have to

Besides, down doesnt do anything unless you set it to. You cant force the ninja to go downwards. NR because it would piss you off if I did rate.
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