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Author _destiny^-
Tags author:_destiny^- destiny playable race rated tribal uppercut
Created 2008-07-25
Last Modified 2008-07-25
by 12 people.
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Description Finished and packaged.

Tribal, baby.

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very nice

more flow than these usually have.

5 despite the ending. and faved.


Would have been 3, but it's below you.
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i just guess people have different tastes and standards

First try AGD.

The ending was strange, but I liked it. I don't think it fit especially well with the rest of the race, though.
Pretty good overall, 4/5.
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then why

does it have a 5/5 rating?

I think people are just happy to have you back.

if i'm honest

i don't like it either


Looking at the thumbnail, I was seriously expecting better. Here's why:
-3/5 times, the chaingun misfired near the end and killed me.
-The first launchpad jump was REALLY annoying, and quite badly made
-The ending was like a DDA
-The ending completely disrupted the feel of the map
-most of the time it felt like I was running through an empty warehouse; everything was predictable and quiet.
because there was nothing at all that could ruin it for me, then all these trapdoors and launchpads appeared, seemingly unnecesarily. . .
still, wroth a 4
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Great race.

The entire thing was great. All of the enemies were very useful, and the flow was great. The only problem was jumping off of trap doors. But that can't really be helped. 5aved
it's a difficult theme for a tileset lol

i have delisted the other 2, da_man - i submitted them both for storage and advice.



just dont post unfinished maps, i think it takes away the surprise/excitement away from when you post the finished one.

Hoozah agd.

Very cool race. The jumps right before the exit switch are the best.
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WARNING: Tihs map may cfusnoe yuo
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