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Author uber5001
Tags 0 author:uber5001 episode expiermental mini nreality rated
Created 2008-07-26
Last Modified 2008-07-26
by 17 people.
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Description levels 0-0, 0-1, 0-2, and 0-3.
*NReality Required*

I know some parts aren't the same, but they resemble it.
I also know some parts are cheatable, but I don't care.

NOTE: to get to the 4th room, use the hidden launch pad at the right. It's under some bounceblocks. Sometimes it doesn't work if you don't run at it at full speed... so run at it at full speed.

Oh, and feel free to use my mod. It will shrink all objects that can be shrunk without using _x or _yscale.

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Yeah, I've never seen any shrunken bounceblocks.


That's my mod he's using.

excuse me..

I meant bounce block. not thwump.

Small thwump. []
Clever idea.
you can only make them LOOK small.


and you only did two of the three thwumps in room 3

Only thing is...

why didn't you shrink the bounceblocks?


this rocks. 5aved


This is the freakin' coolest thing ever! Awesome job, demo on nreality.


That never happened. Seriously. The thwump never killed me in all the times I played. Yet it does in that demo.

Yeah, I use the thwump to cheat, yet for some reason the demo is wrong.

Ah right.

That makes 4 ways

4. oneway

demo on NReality

Uh.. You die

in that demo. You never reach room 3.
But yes, there are three ways to get into that room by cheating:
3:getting some switches out of order.

Best thing ever?

5/5, but of note: There is a bug, which I show in my demo. You can get to room 3 without completing room 2.
Demo Data