Take Me Somewhere Nice

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Author epigone
Tags action all-gold author:epigone playable rated
Created 2008-07-26
Last Modified 2008-07-26
by 7 people.
Map Data

Description From Losttortuga's tileset, WASTE LAND [].
Loved the tiles, knew I had to make a map with them. Here it is.
Thanks to PALEMOON for the double rockets idea.

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and I'm not sure what comments you are referring to.

I spent at least thirty minutes AGDing this level. :<

Where are my comments? Maybe this was in boe.
But I wished it wasn't there.

Nice map. 4/5
good map 5/5aved


already on it.

And thanks :)


Sorry to trick you
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seriously confused me for quite some time

Demo Data

2nd try agd

Very cool. I like how the map tricks you the first time you play. 4/5
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