The sun is out to get you

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Author player_03
Tags author:player_03 hard i-am-modmaster nreality puzzle rated
Created 2008-07-28
Last Modified 2008-07-28
by 34 people.
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Description Don't let it see you!

Play this map in NReality.

Edit: This map is pretty hard. I suggest playing it in debug mode.

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I applaud your awesome skills.


very nice Nreality map indeed.


all i can do

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To fix the graphics, please get rid of the yellow line around blocks and the border. That's about the only problem with the map.

this is awesome

I say 5. Even though the beginning becomes repetitive.
Wait until you see "Transparent Update Finished Loading" before you load the map.


Uh... It didn't work on nreality, I could do this...
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You can download NReality at []

Scratch that.

A played it again, and I realized it is extremely......

Easy!!! does anyone actually think this is hard?


Pretty easy.
It's super quick to beat.


I loved this map 10/5 lol ... nice concept

J00 Over there!

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the more you play it, the more you admire it, and the more you lose any feeling in your hand ^^
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Cool, very cool.

Nice difficulty level, great concept, and you carried it out well too.

Cool, very cool.

Nice difficulty level, great concept, and you carried it out well too.
Took me forever, and I had to do it in neditor.

The triggers

behind the shadows are a bit hard to see

I wish I had made this map
Unfortunately, I've got a number of other things to do...

The image

looks a lot better now.

The trap doors and repetition just feels a little too crude, if the gameplay and style could be tightened up this could be something special.


I blurred the image, and I think it looks better. There are now a few yellow lines around blocks, but it looked worse before.

Thanks for the feedback, by the way.


Maybe if you did a light blur it would look better. It's kinda pixely.


yeah that'd be awesome

The map's pretty sweet though. Hard though.

The concept

is outstanding (reminds of the movie 'Sunshine', when they're repairing the hull of the ship), but I found map itself a real let down and the image frustratingly messy.

If you could combine these innovative concepts with solid gameplay you'd be onto a real winner.

That would be nice.

However, it wouldn't have too many uses.

As far as I got

Very hard, but very cool. You always think of something interesting :)

If only it would allow for dynamic shadows by some voodoo magic :O
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And once again, we see somthing from you. I just don't have the fortitude to do it all at one time. In other words, I cheated to beat it. 5/5aved.