Dragon Test

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Author RavenMac
Tags author:ravenmac dragon incomplete n-art nonplayable rated
Created 2008-07-29
Last Modified 2008-07-29
by 9 people.
Map Data

Description This is a test of what i have been working on for the past 8 hours.

Please do not get mad at me because you don't know what it looks like. I will be updating it every time i work on it. A little bit per day.

The finished product will be done in a couple of days since it is so large.

*EDIT: Fixed image a little.
**EDIT: Just fixed it up ever so slightly. That's enough for tonight.

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I'm thinking

about coming back to this one to finish it.

But not today. Got a 6pg-12pt-dbl.spaced essay on "the effects of Poe's life on his literature" due tomorrow and i have the header of the first page done.XD

But after that, and all of my other class work, i will restart this entire drawing.
Same picture, but different style.

However, the next drawing WILL be my final drawing for N.
I am having too much fun with dan-ball's powder game cus i can draw things in many colors.

Though, to many all believe that i am not using any software to create my work, i WILL record major parts of my work. The hours i spend switching from paint to notepad will be cut out. It will be from start to finish.

Hope you all will like the movie, once i make it and show those people who don't believe in my words that i almost never lie to people online.

Next step...
Getting a GOOD vid. recorder program now. XD

OMFG IT'S SO BUTIFUL!!!! <CRIES> *cough* *cough* *cough* i see ... a light so pretty oh wait, that's just ur art amazing crazy weird cool icey raw rawsome i could go on forever


please :)

* (whispers) I LOVE YOU!!!*

i know

but i am thinking of doing this over and only doing a 3pt. outline of it
finishing this...
I know the picture, it's big... and by the time you have wasted your life making it, and can submit it you will realise that nmaps doesn't support insanely large amounts of objects anymore... I've tried, and you won't fit this on there.


please. =)


How do you make this stuff? It's just amazing! Can't wait to see the finished product. 4.5aved but i'll round up.
designed by Eeyore.

And yeah, IMO try something new. These get old fast.


i saw your other maps, do you remember that scull i cant remember who made it was created the same way you made the jaguare and the logo, i thing your next step is to make large 3d objects like that one, i think it was 3rd in favorites behind dragon moon
guess we wait.Try2make more things other that part screen pic, not that im not trying to say anything bad, your art is beter than most, mix it up and people will come


i made a stencil out of that! I was gunna make Nart out of it, but i retired.
I'm not gonna rate this though, even when it's finished... you lack variety, you made the jaguar, that was cool. but you have made pretty much the same style, try something different, not friggin thwumps and bounce blocks.


IDK, what i will do next.

I guess i will try some other tribal thing or try to do a car outline or something.

i relay don't know where i will go next.


Is your avatar one of the dogs from the game cave story?
I love that game.
would i have the same effect? probably not.
You now he's gonna have to comment back on that if he see's this. :P

BTW, do you have any ideas on what your doing next?



unfinished = no rate

I agree with atob

but there he goes, abusing his admin privileges again.

I don't really know what this is gonna be but right now it's just a kinda cool design... like your others but unfinished, nr
That's why I didn't rate.

finished product

will be another map. This is just the test that i am doing. The full one will be on its own.

Very nice so far,

looking forward to the finished result.
How can you guys rate an unfinished product so highly?

I'm holding off until the finished thing, I'd suggest y'all do the same.
so i dont know if ill see this or not.. could you hit me up with a link when youre done? id love to see it.

keep working,

ill rate when its done, i know itll be good.
But the amazing thing takes a lot of time, that is what makes you art special, because I think you're the only one who can make them. Cant wait to see the finished Dragon.

I'm amazed

Never new thwump-blue cood be so malleable.


It's cool

It looks like it could turn into a cool cobra. But I'd rather see the dragon. :)