Fluoride Ion

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Author blue_tetris
Tags author:blue_tetris featured playable race rated
Created 2005-09-09
by 33 people.
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Description Race around the curvtacularness of this map.

This map has the rockin' flow and the kickin' loops to make your fantasies come true. Encircle this ion as fast as you can and post your greatest demos!

I wanna see so fast demos, guys!

Make it happen!!

Also, leave me some comments about what you think of my level!!!

This map was featured on 2011-01-28

This is a race map from the golden age of NUMA: Fluoride Ion, from the one and only blue_tetris. This map fits under the race category quite snugly, providing a great rhythm and pace with its elegantly simple mechanics. A different breed of race, Fluoride Ion achieves perfect form and function, giving you enough of a challenge, and being quick enough to complete that it makes you want to play it again… and again.
A truly great map is an addictive one. Fluoride Ion will not disappoint you, I guarantee it.
krusch-“sweet mother of crabsticks! this is a masterpiece!”

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Going in with no expectations, I thought it was somewhat interesting for a small-ish map. Nothing in it really struck me as bad, just humdrum. 3/5
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man the kruschloader had a way with words five and a half years ago


this is more dated than parachute pants!
But the reality is today, its just boring and tedious. Its not worth featuring something from 6 years ago, because its worn out - we're past that.

You might as well have featured The Crazy Miner.


If this were posted today everyone would hate it because blue_tetris already made the exact same map 5 years ago.

and normally...

Nothing feature worthy about this map. It's a little quirky and interesting, but there's nothing that would keep you coming back for more. Not saying it's a bad map, just an odd choice.
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as much as agreeing with koipen makes me cringe, I too am slating this map.

Ehh, not for me.

The beginning really turned me off. The map is ok, but it's definitely dated. Also, I agree with krusch, many of blue_tetris' maps are still excellent.
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disagreed, koipen

I don't think this is his best, but blue_tetris' maps in general are certainly still good. I should know. I played almost all of them tonight after this was featured. :)

I kinda agree with koipen, but I wouldn't have put it as harshly.

Not very good. Sloppy makings, annoying thwumps.

If someone posted this today, it would be labelled as below average ameteurish map. But it has the name of bt on it. Bt is past. His maps are no longer good (atleast mos of them)

Or Not.

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@Arctic_Pony - Your demo is a full AGD if you watch it in NED.

also, this level is too hard for me (as most of yours are :P)

Not bad.

Too tough for me. Nevertheless, a good choice.

interesting map.

quick demo here, agd-1 highscore run.
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sweet mother of crabsticks! this is a materpiece! 5/5


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I got it wicked fast.
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The hell?
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hurrah. Nice map.
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How did you know I had fantasies about loops?

... spoooooky....

Anyway, brilliant map. 4.5/5
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Than my last demo, Fun 4.5/5
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What's the point of the second switch?
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Uber fast

Kicks your demos in the ass.Pretty fun. 4/5.
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not completion but you get the gist.
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Good map

The only flaw is that you have to move really quickly at the beginning, or else you die, which is never a good thing in a map.
Real nice map though. If not a little short and... well, I don't really like the beginning.
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But definitely not fast enough.
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