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Author nemetacyst
Tags action author:nemetacyst fun playable survival-ish unrated
Created 2008-08-03
Last Modified 2008-08-03
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Description Not much of a challenge really, just a few little tricks ive always enjoyed that i cant seem to make into something bigger. you can also play it as a survival if youd like, its possible to get an infinate loop with the rockets, though it takes some doing and ive only managed it once. (lost the demo sorry)

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I swear to god I was just thinking 'whatever happened to nematacyst?'

Glad to see you back!


thats not really sustainable without fbf, the infinate loop is if you get both of the rocket on one side of you, which is pretty tricky, but possible...i wish i still had my demo of it...
I managed to get a little bit of an infinite loop goin' with the rockets.
Demo Data

test level?

you must have missed all the simple challenge series' people made...are those gone now? ive clearly got a skewed old school version of what is what...


I recall seeing your name somewhere before, although it was probably when I was lurking.

The level's fun in a simple way, but it's too simple to not be a test level, so....

Demo Data


ill delete it if i can actually get a good thing going with these ideas...just cant seem to right now...

also, who remembers me? anybody? i see epigone is still going...and lord day is a big shot reviewer now too?