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Author stickfight
Tags author:stickfight board-game test unrated
Created 2008-08-03
Last Modified 2008-08-03
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Description Remember my tic tac toe map seen here?
Well, I just made a more complicated map along the same concept: connect 4.
Making this drove me nuts with repetition, and I'm not even trying to include a way to test if someone one (it would probably become 50 times more complicated).
Ok, on to business:
Each switch corresponds to a lock on the grid on the right to let in that player's piece. Jump up to the lowest switch and the piece will go in, simple enough (make sure you only hit ONE switch). Then the other player takes a turn, and they hit a switch. If 2 switches corresponding to the same spot are hit (1 for each player), then the second one won't do anything.

Basically, just play around on this level until you get the hang of it. Unfortunately it is easy to cheat, but that isn't the point of this- just have fun with it.
Note: it may lag on slower computers because it has a LOT to load.
Try it out, enjoy, and please comment. :D

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Demo Data

Nice idea

but it lags.

4/5 for the idea
So lag attack.
4 for concept.


Here is a demo demonstrating how to play. Try to guess who will win, or just stop watching after a little bit.
Demo Data

no lag for me

didnt lag on mine, but the reason is i have a high end media pc lol, also probaly why i myself churn out lag enducing maps, coz they all wotk fah me, anywya, i liked it 4/5

it's alright...

i like the concept; it does lagg a bit tho. my computer is average, and i think tks is right, it does lagg on every computer out there, but it is still playable.


Hopefully some computers can run it... I unfortunately can't think of any way of decreasing the number of objects (other than gold)... This map might be a work in progress though- I MIGHT make a better version sometime. Hopefully more people can try this and see if they find it playable. Thanks for your input though.

Are you kidding

This lags on ANYBODY's computer. I have a SWEET computer, and it lags for me.