Thinking with (tele)Portals

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Author nemetacyst
Tags action author:nemetacyst hard mine-jumper playable unrated
Created 2008-08-03
Last Modified 2008-08-03
Rating 3 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description This is difficult, do not complain about it. if you dont like challenging mine jumpers dont play it.
That said, it is 100% possible to complete and get all gold. Im hoping a couple old pros give it a shot.

The teleporters are not 100%, due to their nature it is basically impossible to do so; however, they are very, very close and i rigged objects around them to discourage the kinds of jumps that break them.

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Hey Rom

Palemoon is pretty much right about this one, it's a bit brutal, nothing in itself is too hard but it's just one hard spot after another.


will do this later. (and your web one too)


but far too infuriating, and not infuriatingly addictive either.
but this was kind of insurmountable.


It's too frustrating for me. I don't like launchpads of any sort, including teleporters, with mine jumpers. I don't feel I can give it a fair rating. Anywhere between 2-5.

It looks pretty cool, though.

Fun indeed