Structural Support

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Author Qix
Tags action author:qix chaingun featured playable rated
Created 2008-08-04
Last Modified 2008-08-04
by 20 people.
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Description This thumbnail doesn't look as good as I would've liked. Oh well, I'm not redoing it. Its hard enough trying to add objects to a map manually.

This map was featured on 2008-08-12

Structural Support [] is dumbfounding. It's scruffy and disjointed, but angular and neat. It's rough around the edges, but polished to a shine. It's free and simple, but cramped and complex. It's eccentric, brash, undignified, yet somehow subtle, conventional, normal.
Qix [] has produced a masterpiece here, and that's the only thing straightforward about this map. — TheAdster

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how dare I miss the gold
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*confuses level*


5/5, that's it
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I feel loved.


bad left side. 4.
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SP, you've yet to make a map even half as good as this. That's not meant as a dig, or indeed an opinion, it's more an objective response. One you should consider if you want to push yourself forward. Perhaps.
sensational map and definitely worthy of being featured. Thanks Ad
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However, I didn't find it to be overly special. Whenever I play a truly amazing map, it's like my whole body feels amazed by the quality. This didn't happen here. Maybe it was a little easy (at least it was to me.)

5/5 and favorited.


not the stage, i like it and cant beat it rite now, but the thing i hate is that when i make maps, ppl take colossal dumps on them even if they are as good as this one, but act like these are the greatest things to ever grace the earth.....4/5


So much fun...but I wasn't crazy about the gold around the exit.

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Great, but not really that amazing IMO.

Not Bad.

The overall experience feels a little broken, and that's not to do with the slightly abstract tiles. The transitions between each section didn't pay off for me; there's an awkardness about this that I can't quite put my finger on.

(The gold around the exit I liked a lot).

Nice, but I must have avoided whatever set you guys on fire.
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Just something about it that screams excellence. 5.


this one is as awesome as it is enjoyable. The chaingun has a wide range over the map, the gauss adds a certain danger to it, the mines were ok placed, and the drone made it a well-balanced map between difficulty and fun.

This should be featured.
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