A Rocky Malfunction

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Author BlckNWhteNnja
Tags author:blcknwhtennja dronemod nreality playable rated rockydrones tncc
Created 2008-08-05
Last Modified 2008-08-05
by 6 people.
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Description For the TNCC []. This week's theme is Dronemods.
For the most pleasure, if not displeasure, use Nreality.

For me simplistic is better, the way that these rocky drones interact with the thwumps create for a ride that is fantastic and deadly. Great for speedrunning and highscoring, try it out!

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haha. played it.

one of the most horrible demos i've made for a while. the end is cool though. the map is uninteresting but.. mm not bad. just.. not too .. dunno. not good at giving advice for this one, i'll go onto the next
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No agd...

Demo Data

My god this is good

time to make my rocky drone map.

Very nice

AGD is just the right difficulty, while finishing is soo much easier.. you are correct on it being great for highscoring too.. I liked this one a bunch 5/5