Rotational Party

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Author xaelar
Tags author:xaelar dronemod hard nreality playable rated tncc
Created 2008-08-06
Last Modified 2008-08-06
by 13 people.
Map Data

Description Welcome to the rotational party!
Enjoy your stay and die quietly!

Can you reach the end?
Have fun :D

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Reminds me of

trilogy and pressed for time.

That was totally sick. I like how you made that concept nreality. 5aved

Oh my

god. 1) Didnt know you made maps 2) I really regret not knowing how to use Nreality mods now, someone help T_T


nreality master


Ok, thanks for some of your innovations, your demo and of course rate and comment :D
Demo Data


Your AGD is slow, considering you're xaelar...and you made the're...xaelar....

I'm sure you'll beat mine though. :P

The map's pretty fun, although a bit easy (yeah, that's right, I went there).

Demo Data

load time, anyone?

besides that little problem the map was fun.
i didnt get far because, well, i suck........


It should be (somehow) difficult, that's what I wanted.
But it's often hard for me to make the difficulty compatible with everyone. Sometimes other people surprise me with making easy AGD's, other times everyone says it's too hard, and I can't differ between both cases. =(
I'll make the next maps easier ;) And they will be action, again.
Glad you liked it anyway.
Ones who aren't Xaelar find this sort of thing difficult :|



I failed.
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this is a great level 5aved

All gold

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