Brohm Bramin

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Author Yahoozy
Tags action author:yahoozy featured playable puzzle rated
Created 2008-08-08
Last Modified 2008-08-08
by 28 people.
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Description I've spent more than an enough time on this this, and I realize how much gold there is.

This map was featured on 2009-12-29


Brohm Bramin is an iconic map. Its walls have a peculiar yellow glow that Yahoozy crafts into an art form of its own; its tileset is instantly recognizable to those who have experienced it.

And what an experience. Yahoozy gets a myriad of imaginative challenges into the map, from the active open-air exploration of the outside, to the maze-like interior of the giant anthill with all its puzzles and detailed jumping. There is something for everyone here, and everyone is sure to enjoy it.

Pure style and artistry manifest this map as one of the best-built in Yahoozy’s archive.

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This map is 100% Yahoozy, and I think in a good way - I like how the gameplay matches the aesthetics, yet it doesn't feel too awkward. While I personally prefer more dynamic maps, this is cool in its own category.
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Faster AGD

Demo Data


I thought I was fast but I guess not haha
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Love the interior

You accomplished a great atmosphere here!
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bit faster comp.
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the best most amazing most awesome thing since sliced bread

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is a perfect way to describe yahoozy maps - i really like that

That right side

is like a fracckin' junglee.

i thought

this map was faved yet :]
brilliant work!
i faved this for a half year
I voted for this at the dronies last year ;)

haha wow
yahoozy has 17 featured maps :)

shit shit shit

i was SOOO going to feature this

That gold

it burns!
I would've liked there to be less gold, though.
and now I do not. freakin' amazing atmospheric effect, mood setting, and jungle theme man. this is the reason's your the naturalist of Numa.


best Naction map ever xD


I'm blown away by the sheer beauty.


This is pure fun!
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lots and lots of gold. but its sooooo much fun to get.
the flow and the tileset are amazingly good, a little on the easy side.
addictive play makes for a 4.5
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agd <3000 frames

could be faster in spots but who are you to complain?!?! :P
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yes it's long, yes it has a lot of gold, but i really enjoy that aspect as it encourages a different sort of exploration. And the layout of the map is very interesting, and deceiving (in a good way) from what's assumed.


I wish *I were better at N.


and the complexity of the building, it makes one feel like one is entering a beehive, build to precision, with bees flying around everywhere and stuff happening all around. i felt that the one-ways contributed to this in a very positive way. i'm glad that there was an outside; a filled-in half would have looked terrible and made the map too monotonous, and having the whole thing just as complex catacombs...well. the outside was nicely done and complemented the gameplay of the inside quite well. i think that the fact that there were really no gausses or rocket turrets was a good thing, and the zap drones and floorguards worked well to enhance the beehive feeling. overall, this map's most commendable features are its atmosphere, and it's object placement. ironically, 4.5/5 will round down.

God damn it

can't beleive i did this...
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Really fun.

All gold is still improvable.
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This is fun.

If not a little fucking crazy.

I really like it

it's just way too much.

I wish you'd make some tighter maps once in a while.

last try.

man i wish it could just be 3.5
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mucking about.

still really bad.
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Horrible Demo.

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3.5 rounded down.

Long, taxing challenges mixed with a kinda-messy design. The aesthetics are old - for you. The tiles are hard on the eyes, and the oneways are a perfect example of a good idea gone wrong. I dont like the first part. It's awkward, not intuitive at all. I suck at N, and it took me, like, 3000 frames to get through the one-ways on the top right. The bottom right drone was cool. Everything else was, meh.
and here, have another APGD. faster. but still not great.
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