Sticks and Stones

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Author _destiny^-
Tags author:_destiny^- destiny fast-paced medium playable race rated
Created 2008-08-08
Last Modified 2008-08-08
by 13 people.
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Description Feel them pounding.

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Loved this. I thought the bounceblock on the top was a very good idea.

that's dumb.

why cant u rate 4.5's or 3.5's anymore?

wow dude.

this is superb to me. the flow and speed were my favorite parts. could've been maybe a bit longer, and a few less launch pads, but nothing too serious.
very nice. 4.5


why do you have to be so damn good at making races!
But otherwise, it was good. 4aved


flow demo.
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though the top left was rather bumpy.

NR because I can't rate 4.5.

you know

you should theme your tilesets more often. like in our collab.
thats my brain.
5aved. That little bounceblock thing in top of the map is the greatest.


its seems I have to do this to almost every one of your races, because there just so fucking fun. :)




Break your bones.
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