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Author Unreality
Tags author:unreality nreality tiledrone unrated
Created 2008-08-10
Last Modified 2008-08-10
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Description I wait so long and still nobody make any tile drone map :(

So I make this :3

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faster demo
can I expect another map by you anytime soon? :3
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if it

was rateable, of course ;)

i am trying to get my tile drone to remove 3 tiles and this is the code i used: !6^276,564,6,0,122,3^1,0,0^^^UUULL
but it wont move.. please help


forgot demo
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slow agd

fun its like an eating machine


so funny !


Droneriding for the win!


Unreality/Nreality both rule!


Unreality/Nreality both rule!


this tile drone leaves every grid that it traveled with a "0" tile


i like this mod muchho.

Wow. Is there a way so that it only deletes a certain type of tile? Or will it always delete every tile it contacts?


this is soooo cool im drunk on coolness.
Permenantly. Even if I play story mode. Bug!
haha SLOW all tile demo
and gold
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nice, I'm too lazy to learn all the code you need :(
plus I hardly make any maps, so I doubt you'll see any Mod maps from me, but rest assured the new aspects of gameplay are awesome :D
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Just for you. :D


You want a tile drone map? I'll submit mine now. :)
This could be used for endless possibilities.
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Nothing like being chased by a one-eyed tile-eating block to start off your Sunday Morning...

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