Four Way

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Author Korbachev
Tags author:korbachev playable rated survival
Created 2005-09-11
by 9 people.
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Description It's my first survival level I actually want to keep on Numa. It could get pretty hecktic if you travel fast, but don't go too slow or the gauss'll getcha.

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dunno what system I used - I haven't seen the other demos.
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Haha, yeah, gotta watch out for those thwumps. I used to have them as locked doors, but I found 1 ways more fun.


Nicest survival map i've seen (in a while)

Too hard for me to stay alive more than 100 frames.

Pretty good demo...

Using your method Korbachev.
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Here's my system

For surviving. Didn't last long, but still.
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