Foolproof, they said.

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Author condog_111
Tags author:condog_111 drone dronemod featured mod nreality rated tncc
Created 2008-08-11
Last Modified 2008-08-11
by 53 people.
Map Data

Description For the The NReality Column Competition.

Uses an Alarm Drone.

This map was featured on 2009-11-12

See, I usually think that concepts are usually more important than their execution. Just the existence of a new idea is reason enough forgive a lot of rough edges to see the rough diamond inside.

And so I decided to look back at the forgotten days of the TNCC, when Nreality was selling like hotcakes that didn't cost anything, and a new concept or two sprung up for every new mod that Unreality pumped out.

And, damn. I can't find any rough edges that need to be forgiven to see the awesome in this map. — Onesevennine

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Here's a demo with all the gold from the fist three rooms.
Demo Data
Sadly the Nreality movement kinda stopped soon after I stopped having time and inspiration to make em >_> I wanted it to keep going!


Demo Data
with the trap door switch.
Demo Data
shame that chaingun shot me down just before the exit.
Demo Data

about time you feture this :p
a locked-door key is this common it's never happened to me before.
Demo Data

Pretty Fast AGD

Extremely fun, highly addictive and exceptionally well designed; this map is absolutely fantastic! I love it to bits.
Demo Data


I buggered up the final room's path, and as a result I come tremendously close to dying. I'm still surprised it didn't kill me.
Demo Data
Somehow. The end of this demo looks a lot slower...
Demo Data
Demo Data

like it. 5/5

it´s very "loud" xD and really gamepaly fun.
Demo Data

great concept and perfect execution -like 179 said.

I especially like how the chainguns worked here. nice work.
Does that count as completion?
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they was wrong. look at the people demo's


cool feature
Demo Data


Usually I don't usually go for maps like this, usually. But this is an exception.


Demo Data


there has to be faster ending (like rcj wj or just jump and wj or so)
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i did some things slower than xela, so combining his and my demo should shave/shove/(w/e) some frames
Demo Data

Wicked Feature.

I loved it.

Perfect! 5/5

Perfectly planned gameplay route, excellently timed enemies, balanced difficulty... I really loved it.
It really deserves to be featured and take a bunch of rates by 5.

Demo Data
Demo Data


but there is another innovation that could be utilized if someone thinks outside the box ;)
Demo Data
Demo Data


Too true Paws. I probably should've scrolled down a little further. Or rather, payed more attention to the comments as I did so.
5555555555555555555555555555555/5 if I could rate/


I think your comment was referring to Eiturlyf, who was previously known as mazemaker, who clearly states a few comments below your comment: "I'll be a rat's ass if this doesn't get included in NReality."
I just wonder what the context of my comment lower was. :S


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Skyline's two featured maps were submitted in succession.


Demo Data

Fastest speedrun

Demo Data


Awesome map and review to match. 5/5
Demo Data


his previous map was featured too

wonder if that's ever happened before