Canoe Camp

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Author mammaletto
Tags action author:mammaletto playable rated
Created 2008-08-12
Last Modified 2008-08-12
by 8 people.
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Description A map made by my little cousin, Ewan.

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Nice thumbnail. Enjoyed the map 4/5


bad jump

pretty cool actually the thumbnail scared me at first >.<
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... right high score comps are what its all about...and there is not better way to hear the soundtrack then watching the movie favorite song is easily good bye blue much symbolism...


...mam whats up bro? should check out Nexx's level Beneath the Ruins cuz i got a faster AGD and i usually let the person know so that they can beat it and viseversa...also i love your floyd pic taht you use...although Animals was the best CD they made the wall is obviously very close...


how you want your ded to be like?
a tileset


You win... for now... :D

On a side note - This is actually my first submitted map:

I've been playing N since it's 1.3 release in '04 and started making maps in '05.


DED [] for escaping a certain lake.


tee hee.
I'd claim this :P
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It doesn't work 'cos I cant see it! the screen's too small and it won't scroll to the left!

It does


And mam, have you tried clicking that Ninja next to the title of the map? It's like favoriting. (unless it doesn't work for you...)


it looks funny


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