Drain Me Up

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Author Conen__TG_
Tags action author:conen__tg_ chainguns gold playable rated rockets
Created 2008-08-13
Last Modified 2008-08-13
by 7 people.
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Description I used one of Losts TSs, "Rosetta Stoned"
Here's the link:

Anyway this map isn't great but bah what the hell. You're gonna have to do a little hoppin' around to get an AGD.

Hope you all enjoy.

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gameplay was superb

and although there's nothing wrong with using somebody's tilest, it just would have been that much better if it was your own


Gotcha an AGD here. Only flaw is the stupid pixel in the doors, but ya can't really help that.
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and I was getting so lucky! Yeah, I totally agree with yk there. We seem to be your only fans, but you're purty damn good. Keep working, and I think you'll be gettin' popular here soon. You'd better!
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It's a shame as I've been told.


you need more fans. frankly, you deserve them. uhhh...don't get cocky. and all.

nice gold placement

and all. i like the straight, clean passageway with the chainguns in it. the launchpads are also nice. a negative aspect...hmmm. i...uhhh...can't think of any. also, the exit switch placement on the left mirrors the exit placement on the right, as they are both in alcoves and all that. this map does not have a symmetrical tileset, but it has symmetrical gameplay. that is always hard to achieve. nice job. i'm going to fave this to remind me of the concept.