Lulius Balthasiar

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Author Etz
Tags action author:etz featured hard rated rocket
Created 2008-08-14
Last Modified 2008-08-14
by 11 people.
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Description AGD
I wanna see

This map was featured on 2010-02-20

"You are Lulius Balthasiar, a runaway merchant who stole $400,000 from a bank in Liberia, your home nation. Unfortunately, the cops spot you leaving the bank, forcing you to flee for your very life. With the police on your tail, you flee for the docks and a ship that's bound for America. Will you make it in time? Play and find out!"

<Colin> Well, what do you think?
<Liam> Sounds crap. Lets buy something with aliens and cool graphics.
<Colin> Yeah. Good idea. — ChrisE

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Switches had a 1-2 rocket difficulty, but when you go for the gold, you have a possible 4 rockets chasing ya tailbone.
That's what I like in a symmetrical map.

Better late then never, eh? I hate seeing features with less than 10 rates. They feel so... abandoned.


You see, if ChrisE didn't PM me via facebook (which I'm also visiting rarely) I wouldn't have even noticed this feature. =)
I remember myself making this map and thinking, if it was a bit too difficult. But obviously it is alright. =)
Thanks for the feature ChrisE!

So Etz

whaddaya think?


rocket dogding, gameplay and everything. 5aved.

I think the locked doors would look better if they weren't floating. Great map, nonetheless.
is the tunnel with the exit switch. Rockets keep mandling me.
the rest of the map is really fantastic though, you did a really good job of keeping things frantic.

This is really hard. And I got close enough to the exit. >:|
Demo Data

Sub-950 AGD

Nevermind, I own :)
Demo Data


Someone go for sub-1000 please? Excellent feature ChrisE. 5aved
Demo Data
Demo Data
It's also creature feature today, so yeah.

Well done, Etz.

Very cool.

Nice and fun map. 4.

Now, lets get to the point. Your Ded is done. Hope you like it.

Meet Fluffy []



i agree

with meta, this is a good simplistic map. 4/5


I like this level because it is fun enough to keep me from getting pissed off from my multiple failures. It also has a pretty metanet-ish feel to it.

I'll post an AGD once I get it without dying.