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Author Lucidium
Tags action author:lucidium bitesized featured playable rated
Created 2005-09-12
by 49 people.
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Description Now this is pretty odd. There are five lasers on the other side of the map, but they don't seem to care that there's a wall in the way.
Sometimes this can be really hard, but then sometimes you get through with no trouble at all. It might not be very fun, but I think it's great how unpredictable it feels.
Submission for Sweep's "Like Mare & Raigan never imagined" contest.

This map was featured on 2014-10-23

I don't wanna beat a dead horse, but Lucidium was a phenomenal mapper. His concepts are second to none, and best of all is this map. I think I was three years old when I first played X-rays, and I instantly came. (Like, immediately.) At times this map is extremely difficult, and maybe even unfair. But once you beat it, you'll feel like a goddamn superhero. Anyway, I'll stop talking now and let you play the map. — Aidiera

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He's a DEAD horse.
assuming he won't come back in half an hour and crack a 2x4 over my head (with nails in!)


Agreed wholeheartedly with the preceding 4 comments.


i've never seen a map that uses this glitch that wasn't kinda disappointing

it's so hard to predict it might as well be luck-based

cool glitch, not a great map
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nice glitch, bullshit map.

I had no idea that Lucidium was a horse.

ah man '05 when things were still new


Saved me having to write a review for at least a few more days...

always golden lucidium

I beat

golfkid's Nreality highscore!

First Try AGD

but was a really fun map and i found the gold placement nice but it was a bit of a bore
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I figured it out


I have no idea what is going on... or how... ahhhhhhhhh. 4/5

Annoying map...

It's a cool glitch you found and all, but the unpredictability of it gets frustrating. I was able to complete it though...
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Very nice.
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toshosoft is right

If you want, place normal doors in the small gaps in the wall. The lasers don't shoot anymore. It goes beyond pixels.
Jeca, the physics calculations go beyond pixels. If you can't see it, it's smaller than a pixel. That's all there is to it.

Ditto Formica

And to the rest off the people that asks, it's simply because off a gap between the tiles. You can't see it, but there is a 1 pixel wide gap between the tiles (or may be 2 pixels, I don't know). Apparently the laser beams collision is only one pixel wide, so it can get thru if you time it right...
But never to such a huge extent.

I didn't think you could use it to shoot through _that_ much wall...

Wow. I'm impressed.




I knew about this glitch, but I never could have imagined it being taken to such an extreme.

how u do that????

nice map though, 4/5


Awesome. 4.5 for the technique, 4 for the gameplay. I'll round up.


How does that work? Can someone tell me? Nice map, BTW. 4/5

Fun map

*all gold demo*

On a side-note how did you get the laser drones to shoot through the walls?
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Yay, completion.
Pretty cool.
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