Goodland At Night

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Author origami_alligator
Tags author:origami_alligator dream featured rated
Created 2008-08-17
Last Modified 2008-08-17
by 29 people.
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Description This is by far my favourite. Even more so than Underground, We Vault to the Sky' [].

ded to Mike_Wazoski_ (for play/rate/comment on a lot of my maps recently), fractal, Frets, skyline, Tanner, Demonz, LV, Templex, b_t, T3chno, Condog, remote, Jerrod, Blackson, BNW, RadiumFalcon, incluye, and others.
You all make this community a great place to be.

EDIT: Why do I keep forgetting Dark_Zero in my mentions? He inspired the tileset and the trampolines+mines idea. I thank him for that.

This map was featured on 2008-09-07

In Goodland At Night, Paper Gator gives us that map. You know what I mean, the one you play over and over, or eat your breakfast in front of.

At first, you might notice the beautiful tileset, or the even better object placement. The enemies work well together, and viciously present you with the perfect difficulty.

Good work Sir, you've made a winner. — blackson

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here at numa. amazing.
One of the only maps utterly out of my league in difficulty that I am drawn to play again and again. Excellent, have a well deserved 5/5.


just wondering if you can re-list my 'ninja of the city' map. +)
to stop posting soo many maps! please :)


bout the noob thrashing, im one too, and shouldnt be doing that, but i was jk sorry
thanks, pv


I meant, it was WELL done.
I love the way you tried to implement everything, it was done. I also really like the shutes, they work well. But overall, the level is too difficult to really enjoy. Still it deserves a 4/5.

I agree

with notkitt too.


agreed with notkitt.


The overall feeling is great and there are just so many little things that stand out as excellent in this map


good but pretty tough towards the end..
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the review

was better than the map. that breakfast line was good.
Death demo.
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sooo many times... 5 still, but in actuality, the gausses(+ mines) posed more of a threat to me than the rockets...

ATOB, i meant like in person. Nothing is the same if its not live. Oh well...


yeah, good, but not brill
, it started well, but the difficulty makes it too hard to enjoy. need some editing
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Thanks for Ded...

as far as the map goes, well as usual I'm not very good, this is the farthest I've gotten so far (I'll keep trying until I beat it), about my 15-20th try.
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Brilliant, Just Brilliant!!


Thx for the mention. :D


gauss chambers were cool, but the rocket parts were kinda awkward, and the whole level was a little too hard to get a decent run

Quite fun.

it felt very awkward


The forums and irc channels will do what you're looking for.

oh, lightning,

i agree. but for some reason it just seems impractical, with people from all over the world playing this game...romaniac, off the top of my head, in New know. but still, it would be nice.


the aesthetics are awesome. Faved for later play.

In response to your description (despite my name not on the list) I think we should hold a convention for NUMA users once every year or so. That way, we could all meet and maybe discuss more than just this game. This is just a suggestion and if it does occur, nobody must go if they wish to keep their privacy. (btw, if there is one already, why dont I know about it?)
Anyway, this map is absolutely wonderful. The aesthetics are perfect and the gameplay rocks. The beginning is the only part I didn't dig and I thought it could have a tad shorter. Still, some of your best work.

First try demo attatched.

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