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Author ZivilynBane
Tags author:zivilynbane featured ivysaur pokeset rated tileset
Created 2008-08-18
Last Modified 2008-08-18
by 96 people.
Map Data

Description When the bulb on its back grows large, it appears to lose the ability to stand on its hind legs.

This map was featured on 2008-08-31

I love to's great to be able to look back on my youth, and this tileset has done exactly that for me...bringing me back to age 8, when I got my first Ivysaur, this tileset is a blast from the past like none other.

This IS the best tileset I've ever seen, and I look forward to more work from ZivilynBane. — squibbles

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naturally fantastic

seen this many times.
but to be featured and flawless?
sorry, not my cuppa tea

it's been flinking in the 4.5 zone for a while now.
I probably shouldnt have cos im not supposed to rate on this account, but atob hasnt disabled it yet.
but it's nice!
It's good, but eh.

Oh yea,

4.5/5, but I'll round up.

Great tile work!


its an ivysaur.


This is one tileset which really turned out amazing.

i'm not

the average had to pull it down eventually.

Its good

don't worry about it :D

aw man.

Solid 5 average for the first 60 rates.


nice tileset. lame review, though...


as for turning it into a playable map, my first instinct is to stick it in the upper left corner and lock a laser drone between it's legs and add some more crazy tiles at the bottom. Maybe...
You could make a DDA with it and end inside Ivysaur's mouth. But I think it's still better left as a tileset.
that i understand none of what this tinkers guy has just said.

As for the feature, I don't like it. For a start, this was only submitted in the last couple of weeks, and, I can't see how this could be used well in a level.

Not to mention my utter disgust of all things n-art.


Very, very, very, very good Tileset art. It would be a 5, but it has very little playability in my opinion, so I give it a 4. Don't worry, I'm not going to ask you to make another pokemon set. *cough*Omastsar*cough*

On a separate note, are not IVs the most annoying thing to ever add to Pokemon? I hate HP, and will never use that move ever again in my life. I spent a month making a SpecsMence, and ended up with more Special defense than Special attack, despite the fact that I EV trained it perfectly. IVs also guarantee that no one will ever beat Marriland (I'm sure at least one person knows who that is), who's damn Blissey has 750+ Health at 100. His other Pokemon's stats are like wise.

P.S. Has anyone been able to beat all 199 episodes? I'm very curious.
is how I like to reminisce, back when I was little and my friends and I would run around listening to Superman

I like how the ninja is next to the tileset, like in those picture books of dinosaurs with the person next to them

lol ya

I think the "the" part should have been in caps...

btw awesome tileset.. i think i saw this thing on tv once when pokemon was running..

When he says...

"This IS the best tileset I've ever seen", it sounds like he's trying to convince himself.

i know

you were good. apologies.


just wondering bro. I'm respectful, I was just wondering if there were like regulations or some kind of code. as far as n-art and relatively playable ts's go, this would most definitely get a feature in my book.


Who would have guessed? I would. It's awesome.


i lol'd.
you like it and think that it should be shared with the RESPECTFUL, OPEN MINDED AND TOLERANT PEOPLE OF NUMA.


oh man. unexpected.
but only if they can be used for a map. thats all im gonna say...

well actually Ill say that despite that, it is still good, 5/5.


vote, and still awesome.


amount of work put into that review is astounding.
Ivysaur still rocks!
Why not do Arceus? That'd be AWESOME! if not the do ones like mew or celebi.

what exactly is

the criteria for a featured map?

(5aved, bee tee dub)

oh wow.







My record is 72, and it only had 29 rates at the time. :)


that be the one.
use your super secret green-technique for ultimate justice.
holy shit 60 comments.