Hive Jinks Sealed (Chase AI 2 Update)

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Author Unreality
Tags author:unreality nreality unrated update
Created 2008-08-18
Last Modified 2008-08-18
Map Data

Description Remake of metanet lvl 82-1 Hive Jinks by newt

Restart NReality (a mod of N, download @ to retrieve this new update of Chasing Pathing AI 2 Update

Chasing Path ID 10 : append the following to the drones/objects

For Chasing Path ID 10 please refer to this

chaseKeepUpdate: default undefined, you can set to 1 if you want the drone/object keep updating the path when it sees the ninja

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tell me on one of my maps if there is a code.

Hey, unreality...

Is it possible to mod how much time gold gives you?

zomg there funny

they chased me around the whole level so fun.


IMO, it should have another editable variable to change the time interval between updates if "chaseKeepUpdate" is on. In frames. That way it would be possible to have it implemented almost the same as Maser's first suggestion in the thread (I'm sure it could work for some openish maps), and it would just allow more helpful customization, period.

It just doesn't seem very NReality if it restricts customization of a variable (and I might be wrong, but this seems like it would be a fairly simple thing to update). :)

Dont Worry

It Fixed Itself ... Finally!


Mine Wont Do Transparent Update and It always used to??? Now Nreality Wont Work its Just Normal N

What Should I do


Mine Wont Do Transparent Update and It always used to??? Now Nreality Wont Work its Just Normal N

What Should I do


you have to wait till the top left "transparent update finished loading" appear first before clicking in userlevel

Mine doesn't work

they're just drone eyes. and yes i did restart a mod of n

(sorry notkitt i accidentally pressed report abuse on one of your posts)

Wow vrumanuk

You are truly amazing :)

Door can't be diagonal with its nature of using the edge of square tiles

diagonal oneway is possible and matt given me related code, but there is other concern that i have to work it out first

just an idea

but since your making all these enemy mods, why don't you make a diagonal locked door? or a diagonal trap door, or maybe a diagonal one way? just an idea, it's probably not gonna work.


Phew. Easier than some of your levels, but that was hectic. Definitely improvable.
Demo Data

So close

This time I know I can get an AGD.
Demo Data
I sense some very challenging NReality levels (more specifically puzzles) being made :P
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with my current laggy computer..

Very nice run

hoettii :)
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I just changed

the original laser drones of 82-1 to alarm drones :) I haven't edited their places

these guys

are tough