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Author ZivilynBane
Tags author:zivilynbane charizard dark fire pokeset rated tileset
Created 2008-08-18
Last Modified 2008-08-18
by 29 people.
Map Data

Description Seemingly possessed, it spews fire like a volcano, trying to burn all it sees.

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And, this is exquisite. Can't wait for any more forthcoming Pokemon.

a scythor

one would get my attention.
Can you make one?

go ahead



Do you mind if I create a level from this.

It is an amazing tile-set.

Feel free

All of my tilesets are open for use, you can even edit the tiles if you need to, just credit me in the description or tags.


Certainly looks better than the gameboy sprites. 5aved.

Hey, could I use this for a level? I have a pretty good idea about how it would map out.


it's in the tags XD

Great job.

Charizard isn't it? Again, great job. 4.5 but i'll round up plus faved.

I`m not

a fan of pokemon anymore. But I would like to see Turtok [] or Mew [] if it is possiable.

PS: Nice work ^^ 5/5


That statement is true, although those numbers aren't meant to be compared to a grading scheme. As you can see, they have guidelines (4=very good, 1=very poor,etc...).

And I think this conversation should go to the forums.

This on the other hand, is very good.


The thing under his left wing is his elbow. It was either separate it or have it merge into the wing/body, and in the end I had to choose the one that looked less dumb.
And while they may not be totally usable in their current states, they're easy enough to tweak while still keeping the picture.
No, just Squirtle for now. Pikachu and Jigglypuff, maybe, in the future, but I doubt Lucario the Pants-Wearing Dog will ever get one.
but its still a 4




squirtle he's 007 lol

i totally agree

and really, a 3/5 is a 60%. a 4/5 is an 80%. it's hard to rate fairly when the best things after an A+ are a B- and an F. but, there's a forum thread discussing this, and it's not like we have any say in what the patricians force on us anyway.


I understand it isn't his fault, but I do want to throw out, either way, that people should think twice about a 5/5. It is named 'Flawless'. I honestly have trouble calling this 'Flawless', which is why I give it a 4/5, 'Very Good'.

I think the rating system itself is troublesome; I have had people say my map wasn't very good, not good at all, but turn around and give me a 3/5, 'Above Average'. It goes from Below Average to Above Average, so it is hard to rate something that is just plain Average, you know?

I dunno

Ivysaur was by far the best.
And if you're gonna do all the brawl team, does that include the other Pokemon from Brawl?

i think

that this is not quite up to par with the other 2. it's not usable, no, but it's not meant to be (d'oh!!). i agree about the hot maps thing; it's annoying, but hey, it's not his fault, and we shouldn't criticize it. everyone has the right to be praised.


For anyone that catches this, I know this may be the GREATEST THING SINCE SLICED BREAD LOL, but 002 was on the Hot Maps list for -16 hours-, 13 of them completely dominating the first slot which only guaranteed it to stay up there as more people saw it and not newer maps submitted. I'd like to kindly ask people to consider if they should so loosely toss out a 5/5, a "Flawless" score, willy-nilly like that only to make it get more 5/5s while one more map isn't seen.

If I could give out half scores or x/10, I'd give this a 3.5/5. Sure, it looks absolutely great, but as 'N-Art' it isn't as appealing as other things I've seen, and as a 'Tile-set' seems somewhat impractical to me.

Sorry, but I'd have trouble saying it is 'Flawless'.


Awesome, you are a great tile maker

I love if you made a Zangoose.

# 3

Gotta wrap up the brawl team before I hit Lugia. Still taking requests though.