Cyanide Christ and the New Millennium

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Author Cerberus[]
Tags action author:cerberus[] featured playable rated
Created 2008-08-19
Last Modified 2008-08-19
by 19 people.
Map Data

Description I'm a carnal, organic anagram.

This map was featured on 2010-11-04

Fill the cracks in, with judicial granite
Because I don't say it, don't mean I ain't thinkin' it.
Next thing you know, they'll take my thoughts away,
I know what I said; now I must scream –
For the overdose. And the lack of mercy killings.
Mercy killings. Mercy killers.


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very cool...
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Fine map.

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flippin fun


fastest sr

loved the atmosphere, felt almost episodic tbh.
very well done, 4.5aved
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1st try agd

better than it looks, I'll give it that :)
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@ below:

you mean Meshuggah? Megadeth has nothing to do with this song :p
I can't believe I got to see Megadeth live.


I could get used to this. Wonderful replay-ability.
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First Try AGD

jesus fuck, some of you guys are damn fast.
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woooooow this is old

Meshuggah FTW
but the lack of cohesion is the problem. The floorguard section was completely out of place; a second rocket instead would've been much better imo.

palemoon is drunk

I liked it

Just a little generic

The emptiness ..

.. it's the best part!

It's fun to highscore, but overall I thought it was a bit dull, and it felt a bit empty.
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but oddly I don't like it too much.
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this rocket..

will haunt my dreams. as do many others.


Love the tiles. Gameplay's alright too.

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I really like this map.
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My first try all gold is 1287! Holy shit dude, you suck! :p

Just messing with you.
easy, but hell, enjoyable. 4\5
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Good fun

I liked the gameplay a lot. 4/5/Faved/.
the whole thing is kinda abstract, but really good mine placement and playability. there was a good chunk of wasted space, but thats not a big problem i guess. 3/5


on NReality.

Dang this is fun.

I love the flow, and the open atmosphere.

4/5 and faved.