A Raction for the Centuries

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Author BlckNWhteNnja
Tags action author:blcknwhtennja irc playable race-ish raction rated
Created 2008-08-21
Last Modified 2008-08-21
by 8 people.
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Description I had a few guys from the IRC help me.

TKS (TheKitchenSink, since no one knows him, yea he has the crappy 200 maps.)
incluye (O_O)
notkitt (also notsteve, or just steve, he is a wery grouchy kitty :D)
Pawz (who is just awesome)

Yea well enjoy, I dub this map as a Raction.

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Very Tricky, Especially The Slopeiness :P ... I'm Fairly New To N, And Was Wondering If You Could Critique / Demo My Maps :P


Number of the Beast demo.
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Speedrun, sorta. Could be faster
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A comment.




Very good

I <3 it.